Tangerine Bio Pvt. Ltd is conscious of its social obligations. It has always held a belief to become a contributor to the community and not to remain a mere consumer beneficiary. This belief has led us to undertake following 4 corner stone initiatives over last several years as a sincere social responsibility.


We provide educational assistance to economically constrained needy families and our employees to assist in undertaking children's educational expenses.


To the needy cases, we provide medical assistance in treatment or hospitalization. At manufacturing facility, the worker force is provided periodic medical checkups followed by curative treatments or preventive therapies. This helps them build better and confident lifestyle.


Tangerine Bio Pvt. Ltd is committed to all the necessary environment protection and preservation. The most stringent pollution and environmental regulations of state and central government regulatory bodies are respected . We do not take this as a compliance, but take this initiative beyond the regulatory compulsions to make it a passion. Tangerine Bio Pvt. Ltd considers it as its duty towards Society .


As a botany plants based industry, it is important that one does not consume what nature produces. But in turn one takes care of whether what phyto plants are consumed are adequately replenished. We encourage long term associations with grower and farmers. We help them sustain their crops from year to year.