Our products enter into the market for usage only after going through rigorous quality testing and standard operating procedures. We let our products go through numerous crucial training procedures and the following to guarantee the superior quality, safety and efficacy of a product in conjunction with assured consistency and traceability of each batch.

  • Documentation control of process deviations
  • Calibration and test documents
  • Reconciliation of batches of raw materials, major packing components
  • Stability study protocol
  • Cleaning validation protocol
  • Analytical method validation protocol

Precise biomass selection, competent and authenticated manufacturing techniques in conjunction with high-tech analytical methods guarantee the standardization and reproduction capability of our niche products batch after batch. We take strict precautions to market our products only after following above stated processes to guarantee its quality and per

Review of Batch Analytical Record (BAR) and Batch Production and Control Record (BPCR) is carried out to guarantee:
  • 100 percent precision of recording & review of results in Chemical, Instrument & Microbiology Section of Quality Control Laboratory.
  • Proper usage of correct reference standards and laboratory reagents.
  • Proper control of harvesting period, harvesting techniques, drying conditions and storage
  • Complete and detailed analysis performed ONLY by Certified Chemist(s)
  • Production records including those for packing &labelling are in compliance with respect to the Master Production & Control Record.
  • Critical process parameters and in-process controls are carried out, checked and verified as per industry standards.

Change control procedure is followed (in case of change in process/ equipment/ specification/raw materials). Investigations of deviations, if any are carried out.